Anatomy is a branch of biology that is concerned with the study of normal structures of an organism. The department of Human Anatomy aims at making the students learn about normal structures of human beings from macro to micro level. It is taught in First BHMS

  • The department has been provided with necessary infrastructure and experienced teaching faculty.
  • Macroanatomy is understood through study with specimens which are available in adequate numbers.
  • Study of microanatomy (Histology) is achieved through provisions of adequate number of histology slides and microscopes.
  • Study of bones (Osteology) is enhanced with provision of extraordinary collections of bones.
  • The department is also provided with adequate number of charts and models.
  • The dissection hall is equipped with necessary equipments for the dissection of cadavers.

The objective is not only to make students gain knowledge about the normal structure but also helps in understanding the physiology (normal function) and correlate them on clinical aspects.