This subject has major contribution in the curriculum and it is taught in the Third and Final year of BHMS course. The subject emphases in depth knowledge of causation, evolution, Symptomatology, progress, complications, prevention and management of various diseased states of all the systems of the Human body. It also helps the students to understand therapeutic aspect of treatment in clinical practice.

Practice of medicine is a clinical subject to be learned through theory and clinical classes. Theory and clinical classes for the third and final BHMS students are being conducted according to the CCH syllabus.

General Medicine OPD’s is functioning on all days under the dept of PM. All general medical cases including Respiratory, Cardiac diseases, loco motor, neurology, pediatric, dermatology etc…Special care given in the treatment for lifestyle diseases like DM, hypercholesterolemia & high BP and other conditions leading to heart attack are being treated in the OPD. Baseline investigations including ECG and X- ray are being done in the hospital.

Patients requiring IP management are being admitted and treated in the 25 bedded hospital attached to college. The hospital has well equipped lab and offers the service of radiologist, physiotherapist, and dietitian on OP timings on all days. USG scanning are being done on Tuesday by a qualified sonologist.

Final year BHMS students also have postings in allopathic hospitals where they get to observe and discuss cases of General Medicine and Specialities. Clinical examination of cases is also taught by experts.