S.No.Name of the articlesRequired as per H (MSR) Regulations, 2013 – For 25 bedsAvailable for 25 number of beds
1Iron beds (Simple, Surgical & Paediatrics)2525
2Stretcher with trolley01 in each ward01 in each ward
4B.P. Instrument55
5Urine pots, male and female1019
6Bed pans E.I.1012
7Tongue depressor (Disposable)As requiredAdequate
8Suction Machine11
9Suction tubeAs requiredAdequate
10Artery forceps, small and big06 each06 each
11Back rest25
12Oxygen cylinder with stand01 in each ward(01 in each ward)
13Dressing drums (big)26
14Diagnostic set (ENT)01 in each ward01 in each ward
15Infra-red lamp11
16Chair trolley with wheels22
18Weighing Machine22