After duly qualifying four and a half years of BHMS degree course the students of BHMS have to complete one full year compulsory rotatory internship at Venkateswara homoeopathic medical college and hospital, as per the mandatory criteria of Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi. During this period the interns are posted under all the units like Medicine, s
Surgery, Obg, Organon, Materia medica, Repertory units at the OPD under the guidance of the chief unit doctor. The interns are given hands on experience to attend and monitor the patients under the guidance of unit heads. During this period they are also posted in rotation to all units including diagnostic lab, pharmacy, MRD and IPD. During the period of internship every intern is posted at National Institute of Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) where they are trained to observe and learn the different mental disabilities and therein the scope of homoeopathy in handling such cases. Interns are posted at the college OPD, IPD and peripheral units in all three shifts. Clinical case presentation, journal club, research methodology, clinical skills and clinical therapeutics sessions are held from Monday to Friday and each intern shall present and discuss the cases under the supervision of a clinical physician. Interns also participate in all the medical camps, school health screening, and other many activities if the college from time to time. Interns have to submit a record of the observed and treated cases in all the departments like surgery, OBG, community medicine etc. Interns are given an opportunity to do the drug proving and submit the proving as per the protocol. Interns have to submit a dissertation of a duly approved homoeopathic topic under the guidance their guide and co guide.

Interns are encouraged and guided to present articles of their treated cases during their period of internship under the guidance of the unit doctor. After due approval from the principal the college facilitates the interns to publish the articles in leading homoeopathic journals.