Managing Trustee

Er.A.Sivasubramani, Son of our Founder Shri.V.K.Arumugam, is the Managing Trustee and heads the administration of Hahnemann Homoeopathic Medical Trust and Venkateswara Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Porur, Chennai.

Like father, Like son, he has passionate faith in homoeopathy and believes that our system has the potential to be taken across the globe and change the world of medicine for the better.

Our Managing Trustee strives to keep the spirit of his father alive inside the institution. He endeavours to provide the best of all facilities, both for our students and patients. His motto is “Never Say NO” and “constant growth and progress”. He motivates us to be always up-to-date in out respective field and to set a class apart from the rest. When it comes to equipping our college and developing the institution, he leaves no stone unturned, to achieve the best.

Although an assiduous industrialist and a busy person, he is diligently involved in people welfare activities and actively contributes to the society. He also encourages our institution to play its role in alleviating the suffering of the ailing humanity.


Dr.A.Sakuntala, M.D (Hom) is the Correspondent of Venkateswara Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Porur, Chennai,. She is the elder daughter of our founder, Shri.V.K.Arumugam. She completed her under graduation from the Government Homoeopathic Medical College, then in Kilpauk Chennai. She did her post-graduation [M.D(Hom)] in Beed, Maharashtra.


Dr.A.Sakuntala has a clinical experience of over 38 years. She is a roaring practitioner with a vast clinical knowledge and has gained the faith of thousands of patients over the years. She has a teaching experience of nearly 20 years and has been leading our institution as the Principal since 2009. She is a highly energetic and zealous person, who constantly motivates us and strives hard to take our institution to greater heights. Our college and hospital has gone a long way, since our induction in 2000, due to her tireless efforts and never-ending zeal.

She consistently guides and supports our staff and students in all their endeavors, so that they come out with flying colours. She aims at providing maximum facilities and the best clinical exposure to our students and interns during their course of study. She perseveres very hard to maintain the discipline, diligence and decorum of our institution and is personally involved in the development of every student. She is an inspiration to budding homoeopath and aspiring lecturers.

True to her Father’s words, she is very keen in bringing up research activities in Homoeopathy and encourages our faculty and students to take up research projects and contribute to our system. She is currently focussed in involving more and more of our students in research, deriving topics from our hospital cases thus enabling a deeper understanding of our system and its modus operandi and boosting our confidence.

She operates with the thought that “working together is progress” and binds all the faculty together, to work as a group, evolve as a team and progress as an institution.


Mrs.A.Padmavathi, ICWA, the younger daughter of our founder, Shri.V.K.Arumugam, is the Trustee of Venkateswara Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Porur, Chennai. She is a very diligent and ardent person, who persistently works behind-the-scenes of our institution. She leads the financial team and plays a vital role in managing the the finances of our college and hospital. Her sound knowledge of economics and able handling of our accounts, aid the smooth functioning of our establishments.

She plays a dynamic role in the development of our institution. Her arduous effort and never-ending zeal drive us to progress further & further