Compulsory Rotatory Internship:

After duly qualifying four and a half years of BHMS degree course the students of BHMS have to complete one full year compulsory rotatory internship at Venkateswara homoeopathic medical college and hospital, as per the mandatory criteria of Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi. During this period the interns are posted under all the units like Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Organon, Materia Medica, Repertory units at the OPD under the guidance of the chief unit doctor. The interns are given hands on experience to attend and monitor the patients under the guidance of unit heads. During this period they are also posted in rotation to all units including diagnostic lab, pharmacy, MRD and IPD. During the period of internship every intern is posted at National Institute of Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) where they are trained to observe and learn the different mental disabilities and therein the scope of homoeopathy in handling such cases. Interns are posted at the college OPD, IPD and peripheral units in all three shifts. Clinical Case Presentation, Journal Club, Research Methodology, Clinical Skills and Clinical Therapeutics sessions are held from Monday to Friday and each intern shall present and discuss the cases under the supervision of a clinical physician. Interns also participate in all the medical camps, school health screening, and other many activities if the college from time to time. Interns have to submit a record of the observed and treated cases in all the departments like surgery, OBG, community medicine etc. Interns are given an opportunity to do the drug proving and submit the proving as per the protocol. Interns have to submit a dissertation of a duly approved homoeopathic topic under the guidance their Guide and Co-Guide.

Interns are encouraged and guided to present articles of their treated cases during their period of internship under the guidance of the unit doctor. After due approval from the Principal the college facilitates the interns to publish the articles in leading homoeopathic journals.

Intern Details (2019-2020)

Sl. No.University Register No.Name of the CandidateProvisional Registration Number
3581311021KIRUBA SHANGAR.M.S7021
5581411001AAFREEN SHEHNAZ A6965
6581411002AARA THABASSUM G M6977
7581411003AFREEN SAHANA U6975
8581411004AKALYA K P6966
9581411005AKASH M6970
10581411007AKSHAYAPRIYA S V6985
11581411008ALLURU HEMANTHA6983
12581411009AMEENA BULGEES P M7000
13581411010ANANTHA SIVASERAN S6968
14581411011ANISH FATHIMA K6991
16581411018AVANTHI M6960
17581411021BHAVADHARINI C P7015
19581411024DERFIN FEJU B6972
20581411025DEVIPRIYA S6993
21581411026DHIVYA M7198
22581411027DHIVYA S7284
23581411028ELSY BOWLINA.A7018
24581411029GAYATHRI M7283
25581411030GOVARTHINI K7022
26581411032HARIPRIYA R7013
27581411034INDIRAKUMAR R7017
28581411035JASMINEFIRTHOSE Z6978
29581411036JENITH S7277
30581411037JOUHARA JASMIN K M6990
31581411038KALAIVANI A7025
32581411039KARPAGAVALLI N6987
33581411040KEERTHANA SREE I6963
34581411041KIRUTHIKA S6962
35581411042KRITHIKA A7010
36581411045LAVANYA V7107
37581411046LOHITA S6974
38581411047MAKLINEDIANA M6997
39581411048MANIKANDAN P6994
40581411049MARY SWETHA.P6981
41581411050MOIDEEN BEEVEE T6988
42581411051NAMITA GOPAL6989
43581411053NARESH K6969
44581411054NIVEDHITHA M6964
45581411055NIVETHA K6980
46581411056NOURIN RIFFANA S6976
47581411057OVIYAA D7008
48581411058PAVITHRA M7002
49581411060PRABHA D6992
50581411063PRIYA P7498
51581411064PRIYANKA B6982
52581411065PRIYANKA M7005
53581411068RAMYA H6979
54581411069RENUKHA SWAATHI R6967
55581411070ROLLA RAKESH KOMAL6984
56581411071SANTHOSH D6973
57581411072SASIKALA V7001
58581411073SHATHAHAN S7007
59581411074SHAVEETHA J6961
60581411075SINDHU BHARATHI G7011
61581411076SINDHUJA S6998
62581411077SNEHA IYER S6971
63581411078SOWMYA T N7004
64581411079SRI DEEPTHA C7009
65581411081SUGESH BALAJI K6996
66581411082SURYA T7006
67581411083SWATHI G6999
68581411086TAMIL SELVAN S7020
69581411087THENDRAL R S6986
70581411089VASANTHAKUMAR N7024
71581411090VEDHAVALLI R7014
72581411093YAZHINI N7012
75581411014ARAVIND V7456
76581411015ARUNAGIRI M7472
77581411016ARUTHIRRA U M7454
78581411017AUGUSTA REBECCA J7452
79581411019BAKYA LAKSHMI S7497
80581411031HARIPRASATH J S7473
81581411033HARSHINI K7455
82581411043LAKSHA S7469
83581411044LAVANYA J7453
84581411052NANDHA BALAN M7470
85581411059POORNA DEVI JAYA7482
86581411061PREETHI V7471
89581411084SWETHA D7484
90581411085SWETHA R7474
91581411091VIGNESHWARI P7468
92581411092VINITHKUMAR R7483
93581411092YAZHINI MELVI V7481